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The Talking Cannabis Podcast

Cannabis is the new rage and you need to be in on it! Join us every Sunday as we discuss everything cannabis related! From the best bud you can buy, to dispensary & product recommendations, to the lasted breaking news in the Marijuana industry, The Talking Cannabis Podcast is there to bring you the latest and greatest!


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Exploring The Science & Experience of Cannabis!

Some call it a miracle, some call it a weed, & some call it a vile drug. While other are only willing to dip thier toes into CBD… But even the worst “hater” has to admit that Cannabis seems to have some healing qualities, and no one can deny the industrial use…

Call it marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, the point is we need to be TALKING ABOUT CANNABIS!

Join us as we jump into everything from simply getting high and reviewing weed, to getting down and dirty with the science behind it’s healing properties!

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The Top 8 Most Annoying Problems Buying Cannabis From Dispensaries

Come join us as we talk about our top 8 most annoying problems we have encountered hitting up Cannabis dispensaries across the US. 

Episode 4    |    16:31 min

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Harmony Muniz

Harmony Muniz

At the beginning of 2020 Harmony & Luis Muniz were focused on making their online marketing company FunnelWave flourish & dominate… but after being falsley accused,  fighting, winning, and being completely cleared  with CPS & the Arkansas courts in regards to their medicinal use of Cannabis, (due to chronic nausea on part of Harmony, and 2 herniated discs in the case of Luis.) they decided it was time speak out and give a voice to cannabis… The Talking Cannabis Podcast was born out of the hardest year a young family conquered together… Let us take you on an adventure and join us in the Talking Cannabis Podcast!

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The Talking Cannabis Podcast

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Feeling inspired or just want to waste some time while smoking a bowl. No matter what kind of talking cannabis expereince you are looking for, we are here to bring you a new and interesting perspective into the world of marijuanna! 

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